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List of Contents


ERHJ XIX: October 2000

1- Why won’t they let us go Home? – Emperor Karl of Austria
2- King Gustav V of Sweden
3- Napoleon III, Palmerston and the Entente Cordiale
4- Grand Duchess Helena Pavlovna of Russia
5- Franziska Schankowzka: The Identification of Anna Anderson
6- The French Legitimist Case
7- Ahnenreihe: HRH Princess Antonia of Prussia
8- Royal Exhibitions
9- Royal News
10- Announcements

ERHJ XX: December 2000

1- Tsar for a day: Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich
2- Royal Exhibitions
3- Eurohistory Conference Welcomes Royals
4- Obituary: Queen Mother Ingrid of Denmark
5- Kaiserliche Mehlspeisen – Baking Recipes from the Austrian
6- What Future Monarchy?
7- Royal Sites in Denmark and Sweden
8- Throne of Thorns: Maximilian and Carlota of Mexico
9- The French Legitimist Case (Part II)
10- Obituary: HH Princess Vera Konstantinovna of Russia.
11- A Royal Tour of Europe
12- Letters to the Editor
13- Royal News
14- Announcements

ERHJ XXI: February 2001

1- The End of an Era: Queen Victoria's Final Days
2- King Michael's Speech at the World Affairs Council
3- The English Disease
4- Prince Adalbert of Bavaria
5- A Royal Jewel in the Pacific Northwest
6- Obituary: Queen Marie-José of Italy
7- The Wettins - A 900 year old Princely Family
8- Prince William of Sweden
9- Royal Book Reviews
10- Augusta of Saxe-Gotha
11- Obituary: Count Evrard Limburg-Stirum
12- Royal & Exhibition News
13- Announcements

ERHJ XXII: April 2001

1- The Queen Victoria Exhibition at Schloss Callenberg
2- Great Britain and Saxe-Coburg, a family tree
3- The unconventional sisters of King Francisco de Asís of Spain
4- Aunt Swan: Queen Louisa of Denmark
5- An unhappy and discontented man: George Fitzclarence, Earl of Munster
6- I Dance With a Man who Danced with a Girl Who Danced with the Prince of Wales
7- Obituary: Archduchess Rosemary of Austria-Tuscany
8- Royal Riddles and Quiz
9- Royal & Exhibition News
10- Announcements

ERHJ XXIII: June 2001

1- Interiew: The Count of Paris
2- The Royal House of France
3- The True Story of the Plot
4- Prince Phillip
5- Book Reviews
6- Ballerup Engsmuseum
7- Ahnenreihe of the Counts Gleichen
8- Royal Exhibitions
9- Royal Riddles
10- Royal News
11- Advertisements

ERHJ XXIV: August 2001

1- The Norwegian Royal Wedding
2- The Ninetieth Birthday of Madame, The Countess of Paris
3- The Prince Consort and The Prussian Marriage
4- Obituaries: Count Knud of Holstein-Ledreborg; Rafael Medina y Fernandez de Cordoba, Duke of Feria; Hereditary Grand Duke Friedrich Franz of Mecklenburg-Schwerin; Princess Altburg of Waldeck und Pyrmont, Duchess of Oldenburg
5- Book Reviews
6- Ahnenreihe of Duchess Donata of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
7- Royal News
8- Royal Exhibitions
9- Royal Riddles

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