Year II (1998-1999): Issues VII-XII

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ERHJ IX: February 1999
ERHJ IX: February 1999 1- The Sacred Catastrophe: Alexander III and the Borki accident 2- The Duc d'Orleans and Wood Norton Hall: An Orleans residence in exile 3- A Visit To Relatives: Prince and Princess Henry of Prussia's last visit to England 4- Marisha: Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna the You..
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ERHJ VII: October 1998
1- A Voyage into Exile: The departure of Marie Feodorovna from Russia 2- DNA testing of Naundorff: Another impostor is uncovered 3- The Fan Museum: Treasures of the Romanovs 4- Anastasia: Second part of the legend of Anna Anderson 5- The Sisi Exhibitions: Sue Woolmans visits the Elisabeth of Aus..
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ERHJ VIII: December 1998
1- Marisha: Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna of Russia 2- An Interview with Prince Nicholas Romanov 3- Obituaries: Prince Rostislav Rostislavich Romanov 4- Louis Ferdinand's Heir 5- A Final Resting Place: The Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem 6- Royalty on the Isle of Wight. 7- Royal Quart..
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ERHJ X: April 1999
1- An Interview with Prince Alfred of Prussia 2- The Empress Eugenie 3- The Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna Exhibition 4- What's on in London 5- Grand Duke Dimitry Pavlovich 6- The Other Victoria: Princess Louis of Battenberg 7- Testament to an Age: Faberge's Easter Eggs in the Russian Court ..
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ERHJ XI: June 1999
1- An Interview with Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia 2- The Tribute of People and Kings to Henri the Democrat 3- Grand Duke Dimitry Pavlovich (Part II) 4- Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna and Mainau 5- The Royalty Digest 6- The Other Victoria: Princess Louis of Battenberg (Part II) 7- The Roy..
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ERHJ XII: August 1999
1- A very private Queen: Alexandrine of Denmark 2- The Other Victoria: Princess Louis of Battenberg (Part III) 3- The Two-Sicilies Succession 4- Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge 5- Three Go Mad in Brussels 6- Archduchess Luise of Tuscany and the Saxon Royal 7- Ahnenreihe of HRH Princess Alex..
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