Year III (1999-2000): Issues XIII-XVIII

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ERHJ XIII: October 1999
1- Kaiser Wilhelm as Artist and Patron 2- An Austrian-Scottish Alliance 3- Quiet Birthday Marks Retirement 4- Remembering Anna Anderson 5- Countess Brasova 6- From Elisabeth to Mathilde 7- Treasures of the Desert 8- Ahnenreihe: Habsburg Heirs 9- Interview with Gabriele Praschl-Bichler 10- R..
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ERHJ XIV: December 1999
1- His Grand Ducal Highness Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Hesse and by Rhine 2- A Grand and Glorious Affair: The Wedding of the Duke of Brabant 3- The Second Annual ERHJ Conference 4- Chateau Arenenberg: A lakeside retreat 5- A visit to the Kohary Crypt in Coburg 6- The Most Unpopular Prince in G..
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ERHJ XV: February 2000
1- The Napoleonic Heritage 2- Sophia Dorothea of Celle 3- Louise Mountbatten, Queen of Sweden 4- The Royal House of France: in exile at Schloss Frohsdorf 5- Danish Royal Christenings 6- Archduke Ludwig Viktor of Austria: an exhibition 7- Royal Baptism in Portugal 8- Ahnenreihe: Queen Karola o..
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ERHJ XVI: April 2000
1- The Princess Margarita of Romania 2- The Polish Habsburgs 3- How lovely it is to be a bride: The Letters of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna 4- Somerset House 5- Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain and the Duc d'Orleans 6- The Long Sunset: The Life of Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna 7- Intervie..
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ERHJ XVII: June 2000
1- An Interview with HH The Prince Andreas of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha 2- An Unusual Royal Relationship: Waldemar and Marie of Denmark, and George of Greece 3- Alba Julia 1922: The Last European Coronation 4- Prince August Leopold of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and His Family 5- Caroline of Ansbach 6- A..
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ERHJ XVIII: August 2000
1- A visit to the Kaiservilla 2- Princess Charlotte of Prussia 3- The car accident that killed Queen Astrid 4- A little corner of England, that is forever France: Chateau d'Arenenberg 5- Obituary: Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia 6- Memories of Queen Victoria 7- Reader's Review: The Nicholas and ..
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