Year VII (2004): Issues XXXVII-XLII

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ERHJ XL: August 2004
1. Emperor Karl - My Father 2. Obituary: Queen Susan of Albania 3. Obituary: Archduke Ferdinand of Austria 4. Obituary: Prince Ernst Friedrich of Saxe-Meiningen 5. A Look Into the Past 6. Ingeborg, Princess of Scandinavia 7. The Wedding of Countess Feodora Rosenborg 8. Ahnenreihe of Prince Lo..
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ERHJ XLI: October 2004
1. The VII Eurohistory Conference 2. Princess Anna of Battenberg 3. Obituary: Princess Alice, The Duchess of Gloucester 4. The League of Prayers for Emperor Karl 5. A Look Into the Past 6. Ahnenreihe of Prince Louis II of Monaco 7. The Portuguese Infantas 8. The Wedding of Princess and Duches..
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ERHJ XLII: December 2004
1. Obituary: Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands 2. The Amazing Ancestor - Katherine Polyxene of Solms 3. That Large, Useless family - The Family of Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovich of Russia 4. Prince Hans of Liechtenstein 5. Montenegro's Would-be Queen - Jutta of Mecklenburg-Schwerin 6. Ahnen..
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ERHJ XXXIX: June 2004
1. Why Can Other Boys Have Everything? - Tsarevich Alexis Nicholaevich of Russia 2. Wedding of Archduke Martin of Austria and Princess Katharina of Isenburg 3. Ingeborg, Princess of Scandinavia 4. Wedding of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and Ms. Mary Donaldson 5. The Weddings of Spanish Infa..
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ERHJ XXXVII: February 2004
1. Norway Has a New Heiress 2. Obituary: HSH Prince Hans Moritz of Liechtenstein 3. The Last Prince of Conde 4. A Look Into the Past 5. A Brush With Grandeur: The work of Philip de Laszlo 6. Poor Little Insignificant Princess: Augusta Viktoria, The Last German Empress 7. Ahnenreihe of Duchess ..
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ERHJ XXXVIII: April 2004
1. The Death of Princess Juliana of the Netherlands 2. Archduke Johann of Austria, part 2 3. A Look Into the Past 4. Obituaries: Princess Marie Antoinette of Prussia & Prince Franz von Putbus 5. Reader's Corner 6. "The Marriage of Prince Louis's Parents has been a romantic affair." - Alexander ..
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