Year VIII (2005): Issues XLIII-XLVIII

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ERHJ XLIII: February 2005
1. Obituary: Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte of Luxembourg 2. A Look Into the Past 3. A Mere Duchess - Princess Helene of Orleans 4. A Family Chapel: The Battenberg Chapel, Isle of Wight 5. Ahnenreihe of Countess Madeleine Bernadotte 6. Prince Heinrich XXII Reuss 7. The 2004 Eurohistory Tour..
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ERHJ XLIV: April 2005
1. Obituary: HSH Prince Rainier III of Monaco 2. The Royal Resting Place, Part 1: Vienna's Kaisergruft 3. A Flash of Lighting - Prince Christian of Cumberland 4. A Look Into the Past 5. Arkangelskoe - A Source of Such Expense and Joy 6. Ahnenreihe of Lord Frederick Cambridge 7. The Devonshire ..
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ERHJ XLV: June 2005
1. Ruby Wedding Anniversary of he Infante don Carlos of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Princess Anne of France 2. A Look Into the Past 3. Princely Splendour - The Court of Dresden 1580-1640 4. The Centennial of Norway's Monarchy 5. "Motherdear" and "Dearest Alix" 6. Obituary: HRH the Duchess of Castr..
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ERHJ XLVI: August 2005
1. From my childhood, the Memoirs of HRH The Duchess of Croy 2. Book reviews 3. Alice Heine: Monaco's First American Princess 4. The Bavaria/Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg Royal Wedding 5. Obituary: HRH Princess Esperanza d'Orleans-Braganca 6. Enjoying It All - King Alfonso XIII's State Visit to L..
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ERHJ XLVII: October 2005
1. It Is Very Beautiful Out There at Waldermarsudde - The Life of Prince Eugen of Sweden 2. A Reader'sImpressions on the funeral of the Prince of Ligne 3. A Visit to St. Petersburg 4. A Look Into the Past 5. Ahnenreihe of the Hereditary Prince of Ligne 6. An Inheritance No one Desired, Part I -..
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ERHJ XLVIII: December 2005
1. The Sad Demise of the House of Savoy 2. Obituary: Lord Brabourne 3. A Look Into the Past 4. A Black Pearl: Princess Anastasia of Montenegro 5. Ahnenreihe of Princess Louise zu Stolberg 6. Bohemian Rhapsody: Touring the palaces of the Czech Republic 7. Book reviews 8. An Inheritance No One ..
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