Year IX (2006): Issues IL-LIV

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ERHJ IL: February 2006
1. Reminiscences of My Four Grandparents, by HRH Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia 2. Obituary: Prince Georg Wilhelm of Hannover 3. A Look Into the Past 4. Hesse: An Exhibition Review 5. Whatever Happened to...Europe's Forgotten Princesses (Part I) 6. Ahnenreihe of Prince Maurits d'Orange-Nassau, va..
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ERHJ L: April 2006
1. HM The Queen's 80th Birthday 2. Whatever Happened to. - Europe's Forgotten Princesses (Part II) 3. A Look Into the Past 4. Alexander III: An Imperial Death Surrounded by Myth 5. Ahnenreihe of Prince Carl Philipp of Croy 6. The Romanovs in the Urals and Siberia (Part II) 7. A Soup of Many St..
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ERHJ LI: June 2006
1. A Sunny Fairy-Tale Wedding: Prince Philipp of Hess Marries Ms. Laetitia Bechtolf 2. Queen Olga of the Hellenes 3. Ahnenreihe: Lady Iris Mountbaten 4. Obituary: Charles Albert, Count Ullens de Schooten-Whetnall 5. The Wedding of Archduke Duke Philipp of Austria and Ms. Mayasuni Heath 6. Book ..
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ERHJ LII: August 2006
1. Burglary on the Links - Unraveling the Mystery of the Stolen Windsor Jewels 2. The Rpmanovs in the Urals & Siberia, Part Four: Alapaevsk 3. The Sunny Wedding of Princess Xenia zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg & Mr. Maximilian Soltmann 4. A Look Into the Past 5. Spain's Forgotten Queen: Princess Maria ..
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ERHJ LIII: October 2006
1. The Reburial of the Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia 2. Extracts From Le couronnement de l'Empereur Alexandre II de Russie, Part II 3. A Headless House? - The Dynastic Dispute in the House of Lippe 4. A Look into the Past: A royal gathering in Yugoslavia 5. Ahnenreihe of Countess Do..
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ERHJ LIV: December 2006
1. The Royal Hellenic Dynasty 2. Romanov Imperial Bones revisited: Why does doubt remain about who is buried in the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Part II 3. Book Reviews 4. The Royal House of Albania 5. The Alcazar of Segovia: Isabella of Castille's Key to Spain 6. A Look Into the Past: The Duc..
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