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ERHJ LIX: October 2007
1. Obituary: HRH Princess Katherine of Greece and Denmark 2. HSH Princess Grace of Monaco 3. Book Reviews 4. Imperial Enigma: Who Was Grigori Rasputin-Novii, Part II 5. European Sojourn: Meanderings of a Royal Biographer - Athens, Zwingenberg & Langenburg 6. The Unexpected King: Christian IX of..
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ERHJ LV: February 2007
1. What's in a Photo - The Seventieth Birthday of Queen Olga of the Hellenes 2. A Look Into the Past - The Spanish-Greek Royal Wedding 1962. 3. A Perfect Princess - Princess Maria Amelia of Brazil. 4. Ahnenreihe: Grand Duchess Eleonore of Hesse and by Rhine. 5. 1867 - A Year in the Life of the P..
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ERHJ LVI: April 2007
1. King Alfonso XII of Spain and the Women in His Life 2. Whys should this Angel be Taken - The Short Life of Princess Alexandra of Greece 3. Books Reviews 4. Royal News 5. What's In a Photo - The Confirmation of Duke Christian Ludwig of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1928) 6. Obituary: HRH Prince Wilhe..
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ERHJ LVII: June 2007
1. The Seventieth Birthday of Archduchess Helen of Austria 2. The Snow Queen - Belgium's Icon 3. Book Reviews 4. Duty and Glamour: The Life of Princess Margaret of Great Britain, Part II 5. A Weekend in the English Countryside 6. Royal News 7. What's In a Photo - Infante don Alfonso of Spain a..
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ERHJ LVIII: August 2007
1. The Wedding of Princess and Duchess Maria Anna of Bavaria 2. HRH Prince William of Gloucester 3. Book Reviews 4. Princess Marie Louise - A Princess Without a Country 5. Royal News 6. The 40th Birthday of the Prince of Orange 7. Ahnenreihe: HRH Pirncess Ileana of Romania and Count Alexander ..
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ERHJ LX: December 2007
1. An Empress Without a Throne - Hermine Reuss 2. Book Reviews 3. The Eternal Crown Prince - King Frederik VIII of of Denmark 4. The Unknown Treasures of Silesia 5. What's In a Photo - Royal Cousins Visiting Coburg in the Early 1890s 6. Imperial Enigma: Who Was Grigori Rasputin-Novii, Part III ..
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