Year I (1997-1998): Issues I-VI

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ERHJ I: September 1997
1- The Survivors: The House of Battenberg 2- Victoria Melita: The life of one of Queen Victoria's most ravishing granddaughters 3- The First King of the Belgians: The biography of Leopold I 4- Hemophilia: Queen Victoria's other legacy to the royal houses of Europe 5- The Quarreling Orleans: The ..
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ERHJ II: November 1997
1- Sissi: The Birth of a Myth - The life of Elisabeth of Austria from birth to coronation as Queen of Hungary 2- The Unwanted King: The life and times of Belgium's much-maligned monarch 3- A New Beginning: The Prince of Wales after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales 4- Return of the Royals: Th..
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ERHJ III: February 1998
1- Death in Sarajevo: The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria 2- The Last Empress: The biography of Empress Zita of Austria 3- Greek Exiles: The labor and travails of the Royal House of Greece 4- The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha: The stud farm of Europe! The meteoric rise of th..
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ERHJ IV: April 1998
1- Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich: A biography of this very loyal and dutiful cousin of the last Tsar 2- Anastasia: The mystery surrounding the life of the best-known Romanov 3- Royal Scandals: Five royal scandals that set the courts of Europe ablaze 4- Royal Quarterings: The ahnenreihe of..
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ERHJ V: June 1998
1- Book Jaunt Through Europe 2- Shadow on Earth: A biography of Hortense Mancini, Duchess of Mazarini 3- Blood and Iron: Bismarck and the formation of the German Empire 4- Grand Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg: by David McIntosh 5- Royal Quarterings: The ahnenreihe of Anton Gunther Duke of Ol..
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ERHJ VI: August 1998
1- Anastasia: The unmasking of Anna Anderson 2- Choice and Master Spirits: Opening the Imperial Tombs at Speyer Cathedral 3- A Russian Sojourn: A subscriber's trip to St. Petersburg for the Imperial Romanov Burial 4- Royal Quarterings: The ahnenreihe of the grandchildren of the last Grand Duke of..
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