Russian Empire - The Romanovs

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From Splendor to Revolution
The lives of Four Romanov Women: Marie Feodorovna, Olga of Greece, Marie Pavlovna Sr. and Marie, Duchess of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha..
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Honour and Fidelity – The Russian Dukes of Leuchtenberg
Renowned Russian author Zoia Belyakova’s latest contribution Romanov studies is an amazing family history telling us the story of the Dukes of Leuchtenberg, the descendants of Grand Duchess Maria Nicholaevna. Import, hardback...
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In the Marble Palace
Fascinating memoirs of Grand Duke Gabriel Konstantinovich of Russia, one of the survivors of the debacle of the Romanovs during the Russian Revolution. An interesting insight into the private lives of the Romanovs. Import, paperback...
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Resurrection of the Romanovs
The truth of the enduring mystery of Anastasia's fate and the life of her most convincing impostor. This saga continues to have an enduring interest surrounding the tragic destiny of Tsar Nicholas II and his family...
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Romanovs Revisited
A pictorial history of the Imperial House of Russia. ..
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The Camera and the Tsars - A Romanov Family Album
An amazing collection of photographs documenting the private and public lives of the Russian Imperial Family...
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The Jewels of the Romanovs
Picture books are one of our favorite items, this one is an exquisite window in the vast wealth of the Russian Imperial family seen through its fabulous jewel collections...
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The Murder of Rasputin
The conspiracy that brought down the Russian Empire, provides startling fresh evidence on one of the most controversial figures of early twentieth century Russian history. Import, softback...
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The Russian Court at Sea
In April 1919 a large number of Romanovs, accompanied by their trusted servants, left Russia never to return. This is the gripping tale of their journey into exile...
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Tihon - The Tsar's Nephew
A biography of Tihon Kulikovsky, nephew of Tsar Nicholas II...
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