Gilded Prism - The Konstantinovich Grand Dukes

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GILDED PRISM had its genesis in a series of articles that appeared in the last issue of Atlantis Magazine: In the Courts of Memory, which was dedicated to the remarkable Konstantinovich Family and their legacy. Here, thanks to the guidance and assistance of publisher Arturo Beéche, we present a re-working of some of this content, with a number of very significant additions. When the former Soviet Union crumbled in 1991, a wave of nostalgia for the glittering world of the Romanovs swept through Russian imaginations. Names and places long forgotten took on a new vibrancy, and faded photographs and flickering newsreels vividly brought to life a vanished epoch. With the revival of interest in the last Imperial Family came discovery of their multitude of relatives, the Grand Dukes and Duchesses, Princes and Princesses who had enchanted and scandalized their contemporaries. The accomplishments of the Konstantinovichi Family, in particular, found resonance in this revived interest. No other single branch of the Romanov Dynasty had reached such heights, nor left such lasting legacies; even sailors in the Soviet Navy, walking down Leningrad’s wide avenues in the last years of Communist rule, still sported the characteristic striped shirts introduced by Konstantin Nikolaievich in the 19th Century. GILDED PRISM is sure to become the gold-standard for research and knowledge on this previously little-known, yet immensely important branch of the Russian Imperial Family. Greg King is the author of seven internationally published works, including the United Kingdom bestseller The Duchess of Windsor (1999), and The Fate of the Romanovs (2003). His latest book is The Court of the Last Tsar. Penny Wilson, Russian historian and Romanov scholar, is the author of the critically acclaimed The Fate of the Romanovs (2003).

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