A Poet Among the Romanovs - Prince Vladimir Paley (1897-1918)

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Vladimir Paley, first cousin to the last Tsar of Russia, was "A Poet Among the Romanov," but not a Romanov himself. The rules of the imperial family prevented him from being considered a member of the dynasty, due to the unequal marriage of his parents. This circumstance could have saved his life; however, when he was requested by the Bolsheviks to denounce his beloved father, Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia, young Prince Vladimir instead chose loyalty, honor and affection. His only crime was being related to a dynasty of which he had not even been an official member. This is the compelling story of a young man, a talented poet, who in different circumstances would have attained great heights. Destiny, however, played a sad role in bringing a brutal end to a promising life.

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